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TvP Return'eth?

2008-08-10 16:12:27 by TvP


I have made over 41 flash submissions and have helped / participated in multiple more submissions. My alias is TvP aka Tyler Viviano Productions and I quit making flash around 3 and a half YEARS ago. I recently found my Macromedia Flash disc and installed it on my computer. Does this mean the return of TvP? No. It means I would like to make some flash again, but not as much as I use to, I do not have as much free time as I did when I was a hyper little kid. But I AM working on something new when I have free time.

It's the sequel to one of my favorite flash movies, its Random Stuff 2. Below is a screenshot, just a comparison of the main room in the movie from old to new. I know I am NOT an artist lol, but I make flash for the sole reason of, its fun. So no this is not my return or anything big, but I am working on something and I have been a Newground's animator for so damn long now I only wish I gained EXP per day lol I would be a king!


TvP Return'eth?